[amsat-bb] Antenna advice

Jeff Mock jeff at mock.com
Fri Jan 4 15:01:21 PST 2008

I'm new to satellite stuff.  I got an Arrow-II antenna to get started. 
It works pretty well.  I live in San Francisco and I can go on the deck 
or hang out the window and hear the easy satellites.

I would like to graduate to sitting in a chair, inside, with two free 
hands, while working a satellite.  What is a good choice for the next 
step up for an antenna that I can install on a flat roof for mode-J 

Do I need an az-el rotator for the next step up or is there some 
cheaper/simpler solution?  It will be about a 75-foot cable run from a 
roof antenna to my radio, will I need a mast-head type preamp for the 


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