[amsat-bb] UTARC balloon Launch 10:00 PM tonight (1/3/08)

jkelly@home jkelly at bellatlantic.net
Thu Jan 3 15:18:46 PST 2008

Some may be interested in this:

The Amateur Radio Club of the University of Tennessee will be
launching a balloon tonight to attempt their goal of sending a
balloon across the Atlantic ocean.  The launch time is 10:00 EST
Jan. 3 (tonight)

The balloon will be sending data on 2 meters and will transmit 
RTTY/CW on 10 mhz once it goes out over the ocean. 

Freq = 10.1257

Live Information on mission status and updates to any info can be found
on the Live Mission Status button and to download a RTTY/CW client 
that will forward any received data on 10 mhz to their server go to:



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