[amsat-bb] Re: Satellite mode on IC-821H

kc6uqh kc6uqh at cox.net
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I have a 820, the 821 was designed to fix the problems of the 820. I gave up 
on the satellite mode, found for LEO's using the tunning knob for Doppler on 
Rx and TX and swaping bands when transmitting to be the most effective for 
the linear transponders FO-29 and VO-52. FM birds do not require intensive 
tunning. Other than a claraifier with limited range adjusting of Doppler is 
impossible with the IC 820. In addition I have had several intermintents 
with my radio all traced to ribbon connectors that need cleaning and 
reseating every year or two. The rig does have a great receiver, just wish 
the sub receiver was as good. I can't use the main receiver when 
transmitting, and the S Meter is much better for signal level a than the LCD 
S Meter on the sub receiver. I doubt that Icom engineers knew what a 
satellite was and certainly they never had to opperate on one using their 
equipment. I have a ID-800 that will not program from my lap top because 
they do not have drivers for Vista operating system yet and no clue as to 
when they will be available. I have to run 80' of cable to my car to a 
desktop with XP in order to program my radio.
The Yasau 736 R was a much better unit for working satellites, but try to 
program a Yasau 530 hand held and make the DTMF function work. None of the 
companys from Japan know enough about the American culture to consistently 
build a intutive obvious product that we can use effectivly and worse yet 
they consider themselves masters of the English language!
 " First unplug from out the wall the line cord"  "this synthesizer IC has 4 
bit ratch"  These are just two instances that come to mind. My 6'2" frame 
doesn't fit well in a Toyota either.


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> Hi, Everyone --
> Can?anyone who owns and uses an Icom 821H on satellites summarize for me 
> how to put it into Sat mode and operate it in Sat mode?? I've had mine for 
> several months, but have yet to use it for anything but listening to the 
> odd pass of AO-7 or VO-52.? Maybe it's me, but I find the manual almost 
> incomprehensible.? Other brands' documentation doesn't make me scratch my 
> head like Icom's manuals, and the 821H isn't the only piece of gear of 
> theirs I own, so I don't think that I'm just being dense.
> I also picked up a serial adapter on eBay for the CI-V I/O port on my rig 
> with the idea of using my laptop to make Satscape 2.-something run my 
> Doppler, but the manual is also too cryptic about this for me to figure it 
> out.? Do I run the risk of damaging anything in either the laptop or the 
> rig by just trial and error to figure it all out?
> Thanks very much!
> Perplexed, and 73,
> Ray KA8SYX
> Jacksonville, FL EM90ee
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