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> If I have this correct.
> 1. LHCP recieved on a RHCP can knock your signal down by some 20dB
> 2. LHCP matched with LHCP will result in a good signal.
> So how does a linear antenna equate when receiving a circular signal ?
> And the other way around, a circular receiving a linear signal ?
> Andrew Rich VK4TEC

Hi Andrew, VK4TEC

Read please my article "Switching four Polarizations on a 70 cm Crossed

Part-1 in AMSAT-Journal March/April 2007
Part-2 in AMSAT-Journal May/June 2007

Switching from Horizontal to Vertical and from RHCP to LHCP from the
shak using 4 small coax relays antenna mounted you will get the better
polarization match between the signal actually received from the satellite
and your antenna system.
In addition mounting the elements in X configuration over the boom you
get Horizontal and Vertical polarizations for best performance in tropo
If you cannot find the above articles please let me know.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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