[amsat-bb] 70cm Yagi and AO-51

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Tue Jan 1 01:12:48 PST 2008


I tried a crossed offset yagi on the one boom.

When I threw just one part of the yagi on the boom, AO-51 was really good,

Now I am finding that with the second yagi on the boom I am seeing a big
drop between 435.300 and 435.150 voice / data.

I think I might remove the second yagi from the common boom and add it to a
new seperate boom

Comments ?

I think I am getting -20db due to the cross polar RHCP LHCP with the data

The voice is great , the data is down in the mud

Andrew Rich VK4TEC
vk4tec at people.net.au

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