[amsat-bb] Ham Log Grid Square Mapping Software

Bert, VE2ZAZ ve2zaz at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 27 11:29:24 PST 2008

Hi Everyone,

I've just finished developing WorkedGrids, a ham log grid square mapping software. It is a freeware and it runs under Windows. The program displays a map showing the amateur radio grid squares
contacted and logged in using a third-party logging program. WorkedGrids uses colors to display information on a per-band basis. Up to four bands can be displayed concurrently on the map. For its input, the program reads the plain-text (ASCII) log files generated by most logging programs. 
This project was initiated because I could not find a logging program that provided the level of detail and mapping quality that I wanted. The software is directed towards the VHF andabove operators who collect grid squares for contesting or awardpurpose. It is designed to supplement a logging program and itreplaces the pen and paper technique.

Please visit http://ve2zaz.net for more details. Your input is welcome!

Best Regards,

Bert, VE2ZAZ

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