[amsat-bb] Re: Radio amateur calling protocol

Bato, Andras bato at starjan.hu
Wed Feb 27 03:22:55 PST 2008


In case we are rally corresponding about radio amateur calling and QSO protocol, Dave WB6LLO is quite right writing:

"AO7, is what, 25 years old, none of those problems existed there, and 
still don't today..."

Except for the sad fact that some feels it is compulsory to call like "CQ CQ CQ CQ AO7 satellite this is EE0LL (15 times) is standing by for any possible satellite call."

During this time of a long call VO52 flyes across Europe and no QSO will be made at all!

I was planning  to write this list asking everyone to KEEP IT SHORT for the God's sake !!!

I call like "HA6NN CQ"

That's all. As somewhere someone told those who had not been experienced in RTTY contests, it is a general habit on that mode!

Than there is no rule to tell QSP-partners even your name every time! Beside this, some tells everything about his equipment, the wx, etc.


Learn the only sensible radioamateur QSO protocol what OH8MBN Mika or UA9CS Igor uses -not to mention K3SZH and some other regulars on AO7.

> Blame those that encouraged and built  AO51...

That was one of the gratest mistake of the history of Amateur Radio.

> Why was it built??

...that is the question.

gl de ha6nn

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