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Stefan Wagener stefan_wagener at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:09:08 PST 2008

Thanks Michael.

The cardboard model is still being worked on. Will be available soon. I
actually have it hanging in my shack and folks love it! The cool thing is
that it is a "moving target" for the those throwing darts. Always bouncing
back. Energizer bunny stuff. HiHi

73, Stefan VE4NSA

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I remember a recent Journal article about a cardboard model of AO-51 and the

first thing thing that came to my mind was that it would be the perfect gift

for some of the folks who constantly grouse about FM sats.  They could hang 
it in their shack and throw darts at it. ;-) Seriously though, I want an HEO

bird up there as much as everyone else does and I never even had the 
privledge of working AO-40. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy working FM sats.

We've got what we've got and until P3E we just have to live with it. I was 
greatly saddened  to see FO-29 take a turn for the worse. I mean , things 
could be a lot worse, we could have nothing up there.
Michael, W4HIJ
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>> ...quit building FM voice 2 user satellites...
>> [on] AO7 none of those problems existed...
> Yes, and hardly anyone uses it...
>> Why was [AO51] built??
> Because lots of people like to use it from their mobiles, and
> their HT's and it is a great way to get into satellites with
> innexpensive radios that everyone has.
>> Disagree: I learn....
> There are lots of aspects to the ham radio hobby.  Many people
> like different things.  Those who like AO51 like it and it is a
> great assset for them.  Those who like AO7 use it.  There is no
> need to try to force all users to like only one aspect of
> Amateur Satellites.  But one thing is certain, we need to reach
> out to more ham radio operators and get them to appreciate how
> easy it is to communicate via satelites.  And every single one
> of them has an FM radio.
> Bob, WB4APR

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