[amsat-bb] PCSAT operations and SSET Report

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 25 13:26:10 PST 2008

PCSAT has re-entered eclipses and so we end this month's
Satellite Simulated Emergency Test.  We received 31 reports of
AMSAT users sending their SSET Email and receiving it.  Sorry I
did not have time to QSL each report.

PCSAT-1 was fully operational from 8 to about 23 Feb 2008 during
full sun oribts.  During this time, the packet system on ARISS
was not available due to Space Shuttle Operations.  But today, I
did hear an RS0ISS-4 pass with active packets.  SO anyone can
still get their practice in with sending their SSET messages at
any time via any of the PCSAT, ARISS, or GO-32 birds are in

See: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/sset.html

PCSAT does work for a few lucky packets during mid-day passes.
But the next full sun operating period probably will not work
until the Fall.
 Next Month's test will concentrate on sending Emails via GO-32.
(Anyone with a D7  HT or D700 mobile radio can do this from
their front panel.).

Bob, WB4APR 

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> PCSAT-1 has fully recoverd and is available for normal 
> contacts on 145.825.  See the downlink on
> And we encourage everyone with a D7 or D700 (or other packet 
> station) to go out and send yourself an Email via any of the 
> birds, PCSAT-1, ARISS, GO-32, or even ECHO.  (though we may 
> not have enough IGates always monitiring the GO-32 or ECHO
> By participating in this Satellite Simulated Emergency Test, 
> you are not only showing our AMSAT interest in supporting 
> EMCON, but you are also refreshing your skills at being able 
> to use just a simple ARPS radio to get an emergency message 
> out of anywhere at any time (when one of these satellites
comes over).
> See: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/sset.html
> PCSAT-1 may crash back to W3ADO-1.  The generic digipeater 
> path "VIA ARISS" only works when PCSAT-1 is showing.   
> Otherwise, when it crashes back to W3ADO-1, you can only use 
> that callsign.
> The callsign PCSAT-11 is only on the 144.39 downlink over the 
> USA.  If you see it on 145.825, then the satellite has 
> crashed and should not be used until the two systems are 
> again isolated (since it draws twice the power and will die).
> Bob, WB4APR
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