[amsat-bb] Big brother some smaller now

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 05:09:09 PST 2008


I have been off-air for some long time because of a holliday travel in Asia. Now in Hong Kong I've seen on HK-TV news that the Americans have distroyed one of their spy satellites.

So "Big Brother" is a little smaller now hihi.
To see more about the news I checked amsat-bb and seen that the satellite didn't lasted long.

> Known by its military designation US 193, the satellite was launched
> in December 2006. It lost power and its central computer failed
> almost immediately afterward, leaving it uncontrollable. It carried a
> sophisticated and secret imaging sensor.

Maybe we hams are not that bad with making satellites hihi...

I don't really understand why they use a milti-milion dollar rocket system to blow up some multi-miltion dollar satellite. Propably its more than only a damaged satellite. But I guess we will never know this.

73, William

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