[amsat-bb] Re: sirius orbit name?

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Thu Feb 21 21:23:22 PST 2008

>> The Sirius birds are in an "Inclined Orbit".
> Is this type of orbit can be a solution for the next HEO?

The reference to the Molniya orbit could be to recall the orbit of
AO-13...     slow high-altitude lingering Northern Hemisphere apogees,
rotating ascending nodes about the globe to distribute coverage more
evenly around the globe. Over the US, next over Europe, then over Asia.
This was very popular at the time, and would likely be welcomed again.

I would suspect that a 'tundra-inclined orbit', fixed over the US as the
Sirius Radio Sats are, would not be as internationally well supported.
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