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Tue Feb 19 12:55:13 PST 2008

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> In light of hearing some stations calling "CQ" or "CQ Satellite" and then
failing to reply to the terurn calls, I have realized that there is a need
for a new procedure to be used when calling "CQ" on satellites.  This is
needed in order to address multiple satellites sharing a common uplink
frequency, and having overlapping(or nearly-so) footprints.  In particular,
AO-51 and AO-16 are using 145.92 FM for their voice uplinks, and their
footprints are presently seperated by only a few minutes.
> Perhaps the considerate operator should be naming the satellite that they
are trying to use while calling, in order to avoid confusion or frustration
when the operator's calls might be inadvertently received on multiple sats
at once.
> Any thoughts?
> Auke de Jong
> DO33go
> Edmonton, AB

Yes !

Waiting for P3E continue to use the old procedure and linear transponders on
VO-52 and OSCAR-7

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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