[amsat-bb] IC-910 TNC connections

Jeff Mock jeff at mock.com
Mon Feb 18 14:47:10 PST 2008

What's the best way to hook an IC-910 to a TNC for digital modes?

For awhile now I've been listening to the packets from GO-32 and I would 
now like to start sending some packets.  Up until now, I've used the 
miniDin-6 for the main band and taking the 9600-baud audio line to the 
TNC with good results.  In order to transmit I think that I need to 
build a spit cable, Rx audio to the sub band and Tx audio to main band 
miniDin connector?

This all seems to get too complicated when I need to build yet another 
cable for Tx/Rx on the same band, and even more cables for 1200-baud vs. 
9600-baud audio connections.  Is there a good solution or do you wind up 
having a bunch of different cables for various situations?


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