[amsat-bb] Re: really strange RX

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Mon Feb 18 13:17:23 PST 2008

Mark N8MH said:
> You may very well be hearing IO-26, ITAMSAT.
> IO-26 is currently in MBL mode transmitting PSK at 435.790 MHz
> If you share a footprint with my station, you might very well be
> hearing some MBL telemetry and/or packets coming from IO-26.

So, perhaps there might be some motivation to re-connect the old
TAPR-PSK demodulator - that has been keeping dust off the museum shelf.
I was considering hooking it up about the time AO16 went voice.
Using sound card now for so much, the MFJ-1278 doesn't have much to do.

Any interest in collecting the telemetry ?
Anyone else still have a TAPR-PSK demod hooked up ?
Hummm, wonder if TLMDC still works...
  maybe there is a reason all those old floppies are still in a box.
    maybe they should stay there . . .
      73   /;^)
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