Re: [amsat-bb]  antennas and schedule for AO-7?

Jesse Morris w4mvb at
Mon Feb 18 05:19:08 PST 2008

Since the days of RS-10 & 15 I've used a turnstile antenna with pretty good results. This antenna has been mentioned many time here but I have not seen any posts recently. I have also not had much luck without a preamp.

73 de Jess - W4MVB

>From: Bill Dzurilla <billdz.geo at>
>Date: 2008/02/17 Sun PM 05:56:01 CST
>To: amsat-bb at
>Subject: [amsat-bb]  antennas and schedule for AO-7?

>Today I listened for the first time for AO-7.  I read
>all the info pages about this bird, but did not see
>anything about a key question: when is the bird in
>mode A and when in mode B?  Is there a schedule, or do
>we have to listen on both 10m and 2m until we hear the
>Anyhow, this morning there was a high pass and I heard
>the sat loud and clear in mode A, although it was not
>at all busy.  Just 2 or 3 stations calling CQ on cw,
>no ssb at all.  I was able to hear my own ssb signal
>on the downlink.
>Was wondering what is a good antenna for receiving the
>10m downlink.  I have a vertical that usually performs
>quite well for regular HF work, but I lost the sat
>signal when the bird was still quite high, 25 degrees
>or so.  This surprised me, as the vertical has a low
>angle of radiation.
>Is there any SSB activity on this sat?
>73, Bill NZ5N 
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