[amsat-bb] Re: antennas and schedule for AO-7?

John Meeks jmeek at gaslightmedia.com
Sun Feb 17 17:31:23 PST 2008

Bill Dzurilla wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I listened for the first time for AO-7.  I read
> all the info pages about this bird, but did not see
> anything about a key question: when is the bird in
> mode A and when in mode B?  Is there a schedule, or do
> we have to listen on both 10m and 2m until we hear the
> beacon?

I see from the AO-7 log at http://www.planetemily.com/ao7/ao7log.php you 
made a contact on Oscar 7.

This satellite is currently commanded by it's 24hr onboard timer. The 
mode change occurs around 0147z.. Tonight it will switch to mode B for 
24 hrs then back to A. the above referenced log is probably the easiest 
way to find which mode is current. BTW the 2 meter beacon has not been 
heard for several months. I'm not sure of the status of the 10 M beacon 
as I have several electric horse fences near my QTH contributing an S9 
noise floor across much of the upper HF bands.

Congratulations on your first AO-7 contact and I hope to work you in mode B.

Best 73
John Meeks

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