[amsat-bb] Re: Finally got PCSAT :-)

Chris Bloy chris at photofuture.co.uk
Sun Feb 17 00:34:46 PST 2008

Hi Ken,

No, I used just the TH-D7 set to 145.825 and set the path to ARISS,WIDE2-2 
and use the manual BEACON mode..

It may be ok for your guys in the US as Bon and I discussed a while ago 
about the amount of traffic here in Europe running high power and beacon to 
often for the small users like me to get in..

I have tried for months to get my portable packet beaconed.. so good luck..


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Hi Chris:

I have thought about using my D7 for packet, but I do not know where to
start.  I am currently using an Arrow antenna.  Did you interface the D7
with a computer?


Ken, N6KTH

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Hi all + Bob,

Finally got beaconed by PCSAT using my TH-D7 on a early morning pass!

Gave me a great joy in seeing my packet after trying for so many passes!

M0DQO-8/W3ADO-1*/WIDE2-2/SGATE>UPUPXW>UI,R,F0 (1200 baud):
'wa*l .K\>

I also happened to be recording the pass and decoded the packet using 
MixW afterwards to confirm my packet incase Findu didn't get it... I have 
checked and my packet is/was in the list :)

BTW.. 5 Watts into an Arrow in the back garden..


Chris, M0DQO
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