[amsat-bb] Re: Best coax for 2 meters

MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 05:14:00 PST 2008

2 meters, and 40 feet.
That is a short run.  There are many afordable coax

The only coax you would never use is Beldon 9913 or
RG-58.  However you should still stick with a Brand
name RG-8 flavor with 95% shielding or better.

9913 kinks and once it kinks throw it away.
RG-58 flavors are ok for less than 20 feet and power
less than 200 watts on 2-meters.

For 440 (formerly called 70 cm)  I use 0.240 inch
LMR-240 coax for all mobile operations.  

If you have Long runs or need very low lo$$, then
your best options are Thicker cables LMR-400 and up.
I use LMR-600 for all outside runs.

--- Ken Owen <n6kth at n6kth.com> wrote:

> Hi folks:
> I get a lot of questions from folks about the best
> coax types for weak
> signal/satellite work.  I found a good source for
> LMR400 (equivalent) which
> I use for both my two meters and 430 antennas.  It's
> overkill for two meters
> though, since I have only have about a 50 foot run. 
> I know someone who is
> planning a run of about 40 feet and he's using a
> pre-amp at the antenna.
> What would the group recommend for the two-meter
> coax?
> Thanks,
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