[amsat-bb] Since We Are Off Topic Somewhat....

Joe nss at mwt.net
Thu Feb 14 15:55:01 PST 2008

Hi All,,

Since we are somewhat off topic for the moment with the conversation 
about the bird to come down shortly..
Ok,  the question is,  and i've asked it to several other places, and 
yet to even get a answer,

The question is,,,

Space shuttle launches,,  starts off at sea level,  and in less than ten 
minutes goes from  zero to 17K MPh (or so)  And gets to orbital altitude.

Time to come down,, the de-orbit burn happens to slow it down just a bit 
to cause the orbit to more or less decay.. It's at orbital altitude.. 
and moving at about 17K MPh..  45 minutes or so later it's back on the 
ground and moving at zero MPh..

So in actuality it comes down from space even slower than going up.  
Yes?  45 min vs 10.

Ok,  same goes with any satellite,,

How come,  going up,,  0 to 17K MPh through the atmosphere, all  is 
fine..  BUT

coming down,,  17K MPh  to 0  unless it has protection  it will  burn up 
in the atmosphere from friction with the air.

why is it different?


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