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Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at pacbell.net
Wed Feb 13 15:46:40 PST 2008

Ummmm....not in my case. I have a "Computer Desk", one
of those L-Shaped things, that I'm using for my
VHF/UHF/Satellite operating position, and my
audio/video editing workstation. The radios sit
between TWO fairly high-powered PC's (A/V machine, and
GP shack PC), and I have NO problems at all. I'm
fortunate enough that I don't have to worry about
tight bend radii on my cables, as I used a hole saw,
and put some nice, large openings in the desk behind
where the radios and "shack" PC sit. I also have the
desk far enough away from the walls that the cables
come almost straight out of the back, and drape down
to the floor. No, there's no stress on the radio
connectors, as I have a plastic shelf unit on the
backside of the desk to hold my power supplies and
amps, and the cables are secured to that.
You just have to plan things a bit, and follow
'accepted' guidlines for shielding and EMI supression,
and you'll be fine.
Jim  KQ6EA

--- Clint Bradford <clintbrad4d at earthlink.net> wrote:

> >>...ham setup in an amoire...
> I mis-interpreted this the first time I read it, and
> my mind screamed out, "Your wife won't like ham
> equipment in her boudoir!!!"
> Oh, never mind.
> Immediate concerns - interference to/from computer
> and ham radio equipment in such a close proximity.
> The routing of wires - and tight turns of coax - may
> be problematic.
> A ham setup OR a computer setupm individually,
> GREAT. But use both at the same time in the same
> cabinet, and you may receive less-than-perfect
> signal reports.
> Monitors can be horrible sources of noise....
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