[amsat-bb] Re: Linear transponder without duplex?

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Sun Feb 10 17:35:19 PST 2008

At 02:30 PM 2/10/2008, Bill Dzurilla wrote:
>I know full duplex is the best, but is there a
>practical way to work VO-52 and other linear
>transponder birds w/o duplex?
>73, Bill NZ5N

Hi Bill,

Yes. It is not really all that difficult either.
I have made contacts on VO-52 and other satellites
using just an FT-817 and omni antennas and also
mobile while driving to and from work using an
FT-100 with an ATAS vertical.

I used an old 386 laptop running InstantTrack and
InstantTune software to set the radio VFOs. Using
this software, it is not much different than
doing regular HF contacts. You just tune with the
radio dial to find a station or a clear spot and
then you PTT. The software does all the work of
setting the VFOs and doppler tracking.

Please feel free to email me if you would like
more info.

Tony AA2TX

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