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> Hi to the list ,
>   Does any one have a data sheet or a link to one, for an MC1460 voltage 
> regulator?
>   The voltage regulator board in my krautkramer USIP11 ultrasonic test 
> set has failed and I suspect the above IC but I have no info at all on 
> this IC, an extensive google search has revealed no info. Maybe some one 
> has this info. My motorola data books only go back to 1979, and I think 
> this IC is circa 1970.... The unit was made in 1976 ( and has been 
> extremely reliable...)  most of the components in it are from the early 
> '70's. shades of AO7!
> Any replies off list if you prefer,
> Thanks
>         Don,
>              ZL1THO

Hi Don, ZL1THO

I have used a variable voltage regulator MC1460 back in 1973 to get
a precise +3.6 V at 0.5 A for my homebrewed  APT receiver.

Looking back in my papers I have found the schematic diagram and the
9 pin connections.

I will send to you a scanned copy of it.

By the way in my circuit:

Pin 3 = unregulated input = +20 volt DC

Pin 1 is connected to pin 4 via a 0.8 ohm limiting resistor 

Pin 4-5 connected in parallel = regulated voltage +3.6 volt DC

The above variable voltage regulator was a most early in 1973 but if it
failed and having the pin connections of it  you can replace a MC1460 
with a LM317 with minor circuit changes.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico


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