[amsat-bb] SAT contacts and eQSL

Dr. Jay Garlitz drjay at gatordental.com
Sun Feb 10 03:51:44 PST 2008

Question for discussion. Many SAT users use eQSL for confirming their
contacts. LOTW does a better job as it tracks both transmit and receive for
SAT contacts.  Unless I am missing something with eQSL only one band is
listed even though that does not accurately explain SAT contacts. Some users
list their receive band as the contact band.  If you are going to choose one
should it not be the transmit band?  Perhaps this is like the universal
perplexing argument about which way is correct in setting up the toilet
paper roll.at least in eQSL's case for SAT contacts.


Jay, AA4FL, reply to jgarlitz at ufl.edu

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