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Just of interest.

James W8ISS
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Tonight I ran my tracking program and showed Atlantis was going to make a
direct overhead pass. I noted the time and went out to shack and listened.

Just as predicted I heard the fast doppler on the main carrier at 2217.5MHz
and followed it lower in frequency as it passed away from my location.

I am only using a so so preamp at antenna with 10db gain and a 3 1/2 turn
helix. Coax comes to shack to a mixer and mixer to receiver with no post mixer
amp. LO is a 2GHz generated from a 1GHz PLO locked to a 10MHz standard and a

I am not yet setup for serious spectrum display but saw the signal drift thru
the display for my 10.7MHz SoftRock hooked to my IC-R7000 receiver.

This is the first time I have ever heard any signals from the shuttle.

Loren WA7SKT

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