[amsat-bb] Dfing an ISS rptr interference source

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 5 08:40:24 PST 2008

> I've got a local repeater somewhere nearby on 
> 145.790 that prevents me from hearing the ISS 
> downlink.  I can't find the frequency listed ...
> Is there a better way to find an individual repeater?  

Sure, it is trivial and you do not need any DF equipment, just
your mobile and an HT and a little time. These techniques work
with any FM radio.  Please see the Dfing web page:


Although the page is titled APRS Dfing.. None of the techniques
need APRS.  APRS is only being used here as a convenient map for
visualizing your data.

I would think that with a little driving and if you can keep the
repeater up, then it should be easy to find.


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