[amsat-bb] PacComm RF Modems

Stargate stargatesg1 at verizon.net
Mon Feb 4 10:46:37 PST 2008

Hi all,
	I have 3 PacComm RF modems that I'm trying to figure a good use for.
I looking for any information regarding them such as programming,
interesting ideas to use them for, ect....
These look like they were AVL units since they have a GPS receiver board
inside them and a Midland 70-201BD UHF data/voice transmitter as well.

	There are 3 units with the model numbers....

1.	"Base station" (no GPS receiver in this one)
2.	"Head"
3.	"Tail"

Here are a few pictures....






	I have SOME information on reprogramming the Midland radio's inside
but I'm still trying to find the schematic for the programming
I've located the ACC900 software and some schematics for the Midland data
radio but
I haven't found anything for the complete PacComm unit or the radio
programming adaptor yet.

	Does anyone have any information thay can be provide about these?
These might make great APRS units if I can figure them out. The Midland
have "9.6kb mod" written on them so they must have already been modified for
speed. From what I have read, the Midland radio's can be used up to 19k2.

I have talked with PacComm and they are looking for information for me but
I thought someone here might be knowledgeable about them.

	I hooked them up to my serial port and they seem to take a few common
packet commands.

Any interesting ideas or help/info would be appreciated very much!


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