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MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 06:36:27 PST 2008

It seems to be working about as well as one can

Remember the current setup is not a true cross band
repeater with cavity filters and a tight set of
receiver crystals.

It was very choppy over boston as the number of users

It seems that stations that were running Power and
compensating for Doppler had greater success.

The Doppler correction seems to be one of the keys to
getting in.

As for your Audio, you must speak softly.  There is
one specific VE2 station that is running a lot of ERP,
unfortunately his Audio is too loud and as a result
his audio is pure distortion.  After 3 orbit passes I
still cold not figure out his call sign because his
Mic gain was too high for this satellite.

I am also hearing many people using Full Duplex
systems, who forgot that you MUST be wearing
Headphones while using Full Duplex.  The Audio loop
caused by Not using the headphones also makes your
audio Unusable.  The audio circuit in this repeater is
TOO hot and will distort easily.


Use the minimal power.
Compensate for Doppler on 437.800 (plus and minus
Speak Softly and slow
Full Duplex users must wear headphones.

And also you signal will not decode until you are at
least 6-12 db above the noise floor at the Space

QRP stations may want to plan for OFF hours when most
people local to you are Sleeping or at Work.


--- Luc Leblanc <lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca> wrote:

> Signals on the cross band repeater is very choppy.
> Is it a problem?  As i far i can remember i never
> hear the ISS downlink so choppy. Is 
> the COR system is activated with audio in the signal
> or only by the carrier?
> Thank's
> "-"
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