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Jonathan Wagner jonathan at jonathanwagner.net
Mon Feb 4 04:51:07 PST 2008

The problem is, besides probably being cost prohibitive,  you blow your 
250mW power budget out of the water with the FPGA.  Using Actel's Power 
Calculator spreadsheet and the specs from the ARM7 IP Core datasheet, 
you're looking at a worst case of 543 mW with just the core in the 250k 
gate version and up to a watt in the bigger versions.

That said, thanks for the input.  The team needs this kind of input to 
guide them in their decision processes.

Jonathan Wagner
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Nick Pugh wrote:
> Thanks for responce. Would you be willing to get on a web x conference 
> with the team?
> nick
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>     Hello Nick.
>     Alternatively, you may be able to implement the microprocessor
>     functions in radiation tolerent FPGA from Actel.
>     200 - 300k rads seems to be the limit.
>     http://www.actel.com/products/milaero/rtaxs/default.aspx
>     Thanks
>     David
>     In a message dated 03/02/2008 17:05:24 GMT Standard Time,
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>         This processor is planed to fly on the CAPE II satellite on
>         2009. It is anticipated that this will involve two one hour
>         session a month via WEB X. We are seeking those have skill in
>         designing fault tolerant microprocessors and he have knowledge
>         how high energy particles effect memory chips.

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