[amsat-bb] Tired on off topic fake QSO:s on this reflector

Håkan Harrysson sm7wsj at telia.com
Sun Feb 3 09:10:47 PST 2008


I would be happy to punch you back to stoneage with your deep search fake QSO:s

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Hakan  SM7WSJ

 Re: 25 watt Moonbounce
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> Hi list,
> I am using a homebrew single 6 el. Yagi (DK7ZB design 10.15dBd gain) on the
> terrace of my house (approx 8ft above ground on a tripod))for "QRP EME"
> operations regularly. I am running about 90-100 Watt into this antenna
> (approx 1 KW ERP). This is real QRP for EME standards.
> See here:
> http://www.arrl.org/contests/soapbox/index.html?con_id=146&call=DJ0MY&bbycal
> l=1
> Usually Gary KB8RQ always comes back on my first calls (even without prior
> announcement of my call in one of the usual EME internet chat rooms). 
> Thus, I would guess that it would even work with much less power (I just
> never tried it)...so it seems "normal practice" at least with big gun
> stations of the size of KB8RQ, W5UN, etc.
> I would even say if he could work KB8RQ with 25w he should give RN6BN a try
> with only 10-15w (he uses most likely the largest private array on earth
> since he has recently expanded it). The smallest station he ever worked via
> OSCAR 0 was a 4 el. yagi with 40W. I am sure you can even decode him on a
> dipole+preamp, since he has exorbitant strong signals (even compared to
> other big guns).
> RX is generally not the problem: I can copy 2 and 4 yagi stations very
> frequently. I even copied some single longyagi (6 lambda boom length)
> stations with my tiny antenna in the past a few times. The only problem is
> the return path where you simply would need more HF power.
> In total I have already worked about 8 stations (the smallest were 8 yagi
> group stations) and had more than 15 QSOs with my tiny setup during the past
> year. 
> This is of course only possible with the help of WSJT software and JT65
> mode, hi !!! Otherwise we would still be stuck in EME stone age.
> 73 de Oscar DJ0MY

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