[amsat-bb] DX on AO-7

Darin Cowan yet.another.squid at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 17:13:08 PST 2008

>>I'm not sure if this contact is a record distance, but I 
>>will claim it until I'm knocked off my pedestal.  At 
>>about 1915Z I worked Mika-OH8MBN in KP24, I'm in CN87 
>>(running 8W John).  

I heard OH8MBN calling CQ on AO-7 today, so I'm glad someone 
came back to him.  We at VE3JW didn't have the key handy to 
reply ourselves.

Unfortunately we couldn't decipher any of the voice signals.
The satellite seemed crowded, but we were unable to copy
any callsigns :(

But, we did hear it and it's nice to know that it's up and

Darin Cowan

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