[amsat-bb] Re: Which Handheld...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 1 10:14:50 PST 2008

> There are no new full-duplex HTs on the amateur 
> market. The Icom IC-W32a was the last nit to 
> have true full-duplex.

What?  The TH-D7 is full duplex AND contains 1200 and 9600 baud
Satelite Packet TNC's to boot... And complete two-way global
messaging and APRS built in.

> I overlook the Kenwood TH=D7A(g) because it 
> is a battery hog and much older technology 
> than what is now avalable in amateur HTs.

Interesting.  If you turn off the TNC when not in use, and set
power save, it is no different from any other radio I think.
And nothing has changed in FM "technology" in 30 years...  I
don't understand your bias...

Especially, when you can send Email from the TH-D7 anywhere in
the world via any of the APRS amateur digital satellites.

See all about using this HT all aloine, in your hand to send an
Email anywhere, any time...

If one is going to get an HT for satellites, it makes sense to
me to get one that also does all the digital satellites too.


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