[amsat-bb] Re: Delfi-C3 RASCAL tuning & TLE's

G0MRF@aol.com G0MRF at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 23:28:19 PDT 2008

Here in London I can only manage to monitor evening passes. All of these  
have Delfi-C3 emerging from eclipse shortly before, or during the pass.  So  far 
it's been there on every occassion.
I managed to get a little telemetry last night, but only enough to show the  
computer has had 2216 attemps at booting up.  With about 40ish  orbits  that 
averages 50 tries per orbit 
So, immediately exiting eclipse seems the best time to get good  results.
When starting RASCAL you appear to need 3 consecutive packets on  frequency 
to sync the receive software and to decode the last packet as a line  of data.
In a message dated 01/05/2008 05:27:37 GMT Standard Time,  
lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca writes:

> Hi  all,
> we have added a section to our RASCAL tuning guide in  order to make
> achieving sync in RASCAL easier, see

On  all the morning pass DELFI C 3 remain silent over North eastern America. 
Did  someone can confirm just in case i got something wrong  



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