[amsat-bb] ao27.org possible schedule error?

Sam KC2LRC kc2lrc at twcny.rr.com
Mon Apr 28 14:50:36 PDT 2008

When setting up to work AO-27 yesterday I noticed that the schedule on 
ao27.org indicated it would be turning on later than normal, with the 
bird up in Canada. I went out to catch the pass a minute before the 
scheduled on time and found that the bird was already on. It switched to 
TLM within a minute and then turned off.

Today I went out for the 2022 pass before my tracking program's 
indicated AOS. The bird was on as it rose and it stayed on for a good 
6-7 mins before going to TLM. When I got back in after it turned off, 
ao27.org listed analog as the current mode, with over 5 minutes remaining.

 From what I see, the schedule on ao27.org seems to be 8-10 mins off 
from actual time. The bird doesn't seem to have changed schedule at all. 
Can anyone else confirm this?

Syracuse, NY - FN13

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