[amsat-bb] Strong signal from Delfi over Canada

Jean-Pierre Houle colberthoule at videotron.ca
Mon Apr 28 12:38:29 PDT 2008

Very strong signal from  Delfi telemetry transmitter  on 15:07 U.T.C 28 April 2008.
Maximum elevation was 58 degres but was unable to synchronize de telemetry
decoding software,will have to get use of the doppler shift which was quite high
for this pass that was almost overhead.
Set up here is: Receiver:  Yaesu FT-726R
                       Antenna:  Cushcraft 10 elements Yagi, Azimuth and elevation controlled.

The bird was at the rendez-vous using the kepler elements downloaded from the Delfi
website. Have recorded the entire pass in wav format.

Good work and congratulations to the Delfi team!
Best 73 to all!
Jean-Pierre VE2AHD

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