[amsat-bb] Need manual for Yaesu GS-232

Ronald G. Parsons w5rkn at amsat.org
Mon Apr 28 09:07:19 PDT 2008

I need the manual for my Yaesu GS-232 Computer Controller for the Yaesu G-5400B rotators. Note: this is NOT the 232A or 232B which are newer products. This is a unit I purchased in 1993. Yaesu Parts has no info in the unit.

The circuit board has the part number CS-232. There is a DB-25, two 5-pin headers and a power connector on the rear, and two pots (AZ and EL) near the left-rear of the circuit board.

A pdf file of the manual would be ideal, but a copy would be fine.

Please respond directly to my email  w5rkn at amsat.org


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