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David Donaldson wb7dru at usfamily.net
Sat Apr 26 14:33:42 PDT 2008

I will admit publically I toasted my 817 and took 6 months and $500 to
fix.  I spent the money in order to prove I could fix it.  There are
more voltages then the 12 and 5 volt.  There is 9V TX, 9V RX and
regulators on the both the main board and the PA board (but not the
module).  To save the list my painful story I will contact you directly
with my hints.  Others my have simular help.  I need to get to a real
computer other then this moble phone....

Burnsville ,MN US

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Hello all

Managed to kill my 817 some time ago with a power spike from a dodgy
power supply.  Found some burnt components and tracks on the main board
next to the ribbon cable leading to the front panel and LCD.  This
prevented the 12V from reaching the front panel.  Did a small mod to get
the 12V around this burnt track.  Still no switch on from the 817.  Then
found another burnt component, the 5V regulator next to the power switch
on the front panel PCB.  Temporary replaced the 5v surface mount with a
7805 regulator, but still no joy.  Beginning to think that a lot more
must have been damaged by the power spike.  

Anyone out there got more of a service manual to try and track the
fault?  Otherwise anyone got an 817 that has damage elsewhere from which
I could try and swop subparts / PCB  to get mine working again?


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