[amsat-bb] Launch of CubeSat "SEEDS"

Yuta Araki araki at forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp
Sat Apr 26 02:33:03 PDT 2008

Dear All,

I'm Yuta Araki at Nihon University (JQ1YGV).
As you may know well, our CubeSat "SEEDS"(shiizu) will be launched on April
28th by the PSLV-C9 

rocket from Indian SHAR.

Launch date and time:
April 28th at 03:53 UTC.

Expected TLE of "SEEDS":
1 XXXXXU 08XXXXXU 08119.17465972  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 0000X
2 XXXXX  97.9533 178.9040 0004500   6.0427 209.0053 14.7954000000001X

The transmitter is as follows:
CW morse code sigunal is 437.485MHz, output power is 110mW.
FM packet of AFSK AX.25 is 437.485MHz, output power is 450mW.

"SEEDS" uses amature radio band.
We would appreciate it if you receive the signal from "SEEDS".
You can send us the received data via email  
seeds_mesage at forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp.

The details can be seen at Nihon Unniversity CubeSat Project Web Site
or SEEDS Weblog

If you have anything to ask, please contact me or send email to
seeds_contact at forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp

Best regards,
Yuta Araki

Nakamura&Miyazaki  Lab., Department of Aerospace Engineering, 
Graduate School of Science and  Technology, Nihon University 
Yuta Araki
Email: araki at forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp

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