[amsat-bb] Re: Using an 817 on AO-51

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Thu Apr 24 07:23:47 PDT 2008

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wb2llp at optonline.net writes: 
> My memory says that someone wrote a very nice article on using an FT-817 
> with satellites and used AO-51 as an example.  However, I can not remember the 
> magazine that contained the article and can not find the note that mentioned 
> it.   Hopefully there is someone whose brain has  more working cells than 
> mine, can tell me where the article is located.
> TNX es 73 de WB2LLP 
Try the Summer 2007 issue of CQ/VHF.  The cover photo shows a set of Field 
Day Satellite antennas.  The article is not about 817's in patricular, but two 
of them are used as the basis of a complete multimode satellite station.  I do 
use the FT-817 on all of the FM birds as well for demonstrations.  It works 
quite well and, as someone else pointed out, the setup instructions for this are 
in the back of the FT-817 manual.

73 - Keith, W5IU

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