[amsat-bb] GloboSat 01 confirmed date and time

CX2SA Ham Radio Services cx2sa at cx2sa.net
Wed Apr 23 16:14:13 PDT 2008

Hello and thank you for read my message.

Confirmed date and time for CV1LAI - GloboSat 01.

Globosat 01 is the first  uruguayan telemetry test from high  altitude
balloon of the LAI Project.

* Date
April 24 of 2008 (10:00 UTC)

* Telemetry
The platform send telemetry information in standard APRS format in 2m. band.
The APRS message goes encapsulated in a AX.25 (Packet) frames and modulated
AFSK (1200 bps) FM.

* Data:
Callsign: CV1LAI (special callsign for the Globosat during these days)
Mode: APRS (over AX.25 1200bps)
Frequency: 145.030 MHz
Power: 1W.
Antenna: dipole 1/2 wavelenght in vertical position.

* Web site of the Lai Project:

* E-mail:

Best 73, Jose CX2SA

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