[amsat-bb] Re: A reminder re: phonetic alphabet and digits...

Dale-KL7XJ daleh at alaska.net
Tue Apr 22 14:18:39 PDT 2008

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) wrote:
> Hi!
> I just heard from Beny XE2YBG, who made a quick trip north of his
> city in Tamaulipas state in northeastern Mexico to be in a different
> grid (EL04) last night for an AO-51 pass.  Beny told me he worked 9
> different stations, mostly XE stations, during a pass at 0136 UTC
> (about 87 degrees maximum elevation for his location).  He was hoping 
> to work more stations in the US, but many of the stations calling him 
> were not using the international phonetic alphabet and were not using 
> individual digits for their grids.  He does not understand much 
> English, but can deal with the standard (international) phonetic 
> alphabet and the individual digits OK.  
> For example, if I called Beny in English and wanted to give him my 
> information, I would use the following (if operating in grid DM33)...
> "Whiskey-Delta-Nine-Echo-Whiskey-Kilo, Delta-Mike-Three-Three"
> Say each letter phonetically, and each digit in the grid locator -
> not "Delta-Mike-Thirty-Three".  
> Many of the Mexican satellite operators understand "QSO English",
> and not much more.  They would enjoy making more contacts with 
> stations throughout the USA and Canada, but their limited grasp
> of the English language means we (at least those of us outside 
> Mexico who do not speak Spanish) need to remember that when 
> calling those stations.  Please be aware of this, and you may 
> end up working some new and unusual grids via satellite from 
> those XE stations (some of whom are starting to look at their
> maps, and make trips to other grids).  
> There are some of the XE satellite operators who are fluent in 
> English.  Even with them, following these suggestions (phonetic 
> alphabet, individual digits in grid locators) would be a good
> thing, and a good habit to get into - for the times you work an
> XE station with limited fluency in English. 
> Thanks and 73!
> Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 
> http://www.wd9ewk.net/
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Hi Patrick,

I have been diligently waiting and trying to work the XE stations.  It 
is as exciting for me
as I suppose it for them.  The other night  I had a call from XE2BRL I 
was not sure on
his suffix so I asked him to repeat to be sure and when he came back he 
was covered
up by QRM by other stations trying to get him that I never was able to 
complete the
QSO or grid squares.   I know the passes are short but for fringe area 
to fringe are on
the foot print I sure wish folks would give some consideration.  I try 
to keep my
transmissions short and consider other folks needs over mine.  I will 
keep trying though.
I do have confirmation  from Japan on the other hand... That was pretty 

Dale - KL7XJ

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