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w4upd w4upd at bristor-assoc.com
Mon Apr 21 16:29:55 PDT 2008

This is not an uncommon problem. Cable channel 18 (I think) is right in 
the middle of the 2 meter band. If the cable system has a leak or the 
customer has a leak in the house, they will pick you up on cable. Unless 
running a kilowatt, it is not likely your problem. I do know that the 
coax cable connectors that people can buy from Radio Shack or others 
that slip on instead of screw on have caused all types of problems. Try 
working with your neighbor and check his coax cables throughout the home 
usage and insure that are tight and not the slip-on type. If all seems 
well, then it is likely that the cable company has a leak at one of 
their cable junctions or amplifiers.

Also tune around for any unknown weak signals on two meters that do not 
appear to go away. If you hear any, you might wander around with a 
handi-talkie and see if you can isolate the problem. Remember, you are 
operating two-meters and are licensed to do so. The cable companies must 
protect the two meter frequencies from being interfered with and for 
them not to interfere. The key here is to be civil and work with them to 
show them the error of their ways.


    Reid, W4UPD

w0dxz at aol.com wrote:
> I have a TVI problem that may curtail my? ham operation... I run 5 watts on 145.920,? FM,? to a beam 5 feet above my roof. 
> my next door neighbor says I am getting into their TV,,, they have cable...
> I need some help,,, I think it is a leak in the cable system... but how do I approach the? cable company, and how do i? make sure it isnt my problem... not theirs.? I have new 9913,,, 
> Bob
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