[amsat-bb] swr-antenna question

w0dxz@aol.com w0dxz at aol.com
Sun Apr 13 21:53:34 PDT 2008

Finally got my satellite antenna system set up, using with my IC-910H. Works well on 144mhz, good PO, good SWR.? 
But on 432,,, I have good PO but NO reading on the SWR meter. As I tune up and down the band, PO goes up and down, as I get? near or far from resonant freq.? Power Out goes up and down as I tune up and down the band, but I get NO reading on the SWR meter.? Using an older CushCraft 416TB, circular right, I think. 
I expected either a good SWR reading,? (hopefully) or a bad reading, but I get NO SWR reading. My only thought is how it is wired, for R circular. I am hesitant to run much power until I determine the SWR. 
Any ideas as to why I get NO SWR rreading on 432 antnna? Seems to hear OK, I can hear local repeaters, etc.
Not sure what is going on. The meter is good, I checked that, SWR reads OK on another? radio/antenna. 
DM33 Sun City AZ

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