[amsat-bb] antenna-swr question

w0dxz@aol.com w0dxz at aol.com
Sun Apr 13 21:25:45 PDT 2008

I finally got my satellite antenna system up, using with my IC-910H,? Everything works well on? 144mhz, I have separate inline SWR - power meters for 144 and 432, SWR and PO on? 144 is good.
When I? transmit on 432,,, I get good output, but no SWR reading. The antenna is , hopefully, circular right polarized, an old Cushcraft 416TB. As I go up and down the band, the PO increaes, decreases, as if it puts out more power where it is resonant, but the SWR meter reads nothing, no matter where i am on the band. is this because of the hook up for circular polarization? I am hesitant to? apply much power if I dont know the SWR. I can hit local repeaters, so i know something is going out the antenna, and it seems to hear OK. Haven't tried listening to the satellites yet. 

Why wont it read SWR on the circular polarized 432 antenna? Reads Power Out, but no SWR reading. I kind of expected either a good SWR? reading, or, a very high one, but I get no reading at all. 
Bob W0DXZ DM33? Sun City AZ

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