[amsat-bb] DX watering Hole

w7lrd@comcast.net w7lrd at comcast.net
Sat Apr 12 09:16:06 PDT 2008

Greetings from the North West
I would like to suggest (may have been done in the past) we establish a unofficial DX watering hole on AO-7.  Given the very limited time to just find footprint edge to edge contacts.  The middle of the passband (145-155), is usually filled with "local" cw/ssb qso's.  How does 145.957-145.960 sound as our DX "hot spot"?  Mika OH8MBN usually hangs out there, I have talked to him with elevations  2-4 degrees each way.  With this "unofficial" DX watering hole we (I) can be challenged to "stretch" the footprint.  comments/suggestions?

73 Bob W7LRD
Seattle CN87

"if this were easy, everyone would be doing it"

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