[amsat-bb] MacDoppler & IC821

Roger Swickis rswickis at telus.net
Thu Apr 10 10:03:32 PDT 2008

Dear Folks,

While I'm at it, has anyone had experience using MacDoppler with the  

I find I am unable to manually tune the radio while using the MacD  
program to control my frequency(cies) for doppler shift.  I can tune  
the radio while holding down the button above the 'VFOs Locked' box,  
but when I release the button the radio returns to the previous  

I have been working around it by finding myself, noting the  
frequencies and then manually adjusting the frequency with the uplink  
and downlink arrows, but this is neither convenient or quick.

(It seems to me that I should be able to manually tune the radio and  
have the program follow it, as happens in SATPC32.)



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