[amsat-bb] Re: Help required understanding IC910H manual

Tim Tuck tim.tuck at penrith.net
Thu Apr 10 02:30:09 PDT 2008

Graham Shirville wrote:
> Hi All,
> Simple question about the manual...
> On page 19 there is a statement:
> "....transmission can only be transmitted on the MAIN band - not on the SUB
> band. In the case of satellite operation, the SUB band is used for the
> transmission band."
> This seems to be contradictory - could anyone tell me what it actually means/
Hi Graham.

It is contradictory and its right!

With the 910 in "normal" mode you can only TX on the main band not the 
sub band.

BUT..... when the radio is in "Satellite" mode it will TX using the SUB 
band and the main band becomes your RX downlink.

hope that clears things up :)




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