[amsat-bb] Re: recording software

Jeff Mock jeff at mock.com
Sun Apr 6 09:29:04 PDT 2008

Nick Pugh wrote:
> Hi AMSATERS I have ask the list before but have not gotten a good
> response. I am
looking for shareware program that will record audio based on time that
you enter. Skypipe comes close but it only let's you put one record time.

Audacity is a nice piece of free software (which is not to be confused 
with shareware, but that's a different topic).  It's a pretty full 
featured audio recorder.  It's ported to Mac/Windows as well as 
Linux/Unix so it probably runs on your favorite OS.

Starting in version 1.3 it has a timed recording feature that might get 
your started:

Audacity can also be programmed from a shell script or controlled from 
another small program if you are looking to do some sort of 
sophisticated timed recording, like record every AO-51 pass over my 


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