[amsat-bb] Re: metal or non metal cross booms

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat Apr 5 22:58:56 PST 2008


A good decision that you made.  A study by Kent, WA5VJB, shows that 
only some sensitivity of position between elements on the antenna 
boom impacts using a metal crossboom if the antenna is mounted in the 
"X" confinguration.  My satellite antennas are mounted this way.

73 Ed - KL7UW

At 05:50 PM 4/5/2008, Gopal Madhavan wrote:
>I have experimented with both non-metallic and metallic cross booms after
>reading numerous articles on the subject some years ago. With CP antennae
>mounted in X configuration there seems to be hardly any difference in
>performance. I speak of experiments done when AO-40 was active.
>I now use a metallic boom as it gives very good rigidity to mount two CP
>antennae, a small dish for 2.4 GHz, preamps etc. Here in India I do not have
>the option to order a good section of fibre glass cross boom any way, and so
>had made do with PVC tube wrapped in fibre glass, but it eventually sagged
>and I had to periodically rotate it 180 degrees to keep it somewhat level.
>Gopal VU2GMN
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