[amsat-bb] Re: Best HT's for sats?

Jeff Mock jeff at mock.com
Fri Apr 4 16:04:40 PST 2008

Bill Dzurilla wrote:
> I could never hear my downlink on the IC-W32A I
> borrowed for Swan Island, and if you can't use it to
> work full duplex, might as well buy a brand new FT-60
> for about the same price as the W32A sells for on
> eBay.  Also, you can't work the ISS with an unmodified
> W32A, as it won't transmit below 440 mhz.

An unmodified W32A transmits on both 70cm and 2m, it should
be fine for working ISS:

It's kind of a cool full duplex radio that you don't
really see anymore.  It has 2 VHF receivers, 2 UHF
receivers, 1 VHF transmitter, and 1 UHF transmitter that
all tune independently, so it's quite flexible. I've
had mine for 10-years now and I haven't found something
to replace it.


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