[amsat-bb] Re: antenna opinion?

Ronald Nutter rnutter at networkref.com
Thu Apr 3 16:57:59 PST 2008

I use a 5 element on 2 meters and 9 element on 440.  I have mine 
permanently parked at 25 degrees because of some ground clutter I have 
to clear.  I have the 2 meter set for horizontal polarization and 440 
set for vertical polarization.  I would suggest preamps for both bands.


W0DXZ at aol.com wrote:
> I am going to put up a simple satellite antenna system. Simple means, that  I 
> won't be able to control the polarization, I am going to use linear 144-432  
> beams.  I will be able to rotate AZ of course, AND elevation. 
> Question is,,, how big of beams  (how much gain) do I need for  each band. I 
> don't want the pattern to be so tight I am constantly changing  the rotor,,, 
> would something like 8 ele on 2 and  16 el on 432 do the job?  I can use a 
> pre-amp on receive   (separate coax lines)  Any  recommendations for antennas? I 
> just don't want to go through polarization  switching. 
> And,,, would it be any benefit to turn the beams somewhere between  
> horizontal and vertical,,, at a 45 degree angle, for polarization? Or is that a  waste 
> of time, or would it make things worse. 
> Bob W0DXZ  DM-33 AZ
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